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Katty Mcqueen

5 months ago

Fraud Labs Pro Fraud Detection and Fraud Detection Solutions: How to configure Slack notification?

Enable the Slack Notification

1. Login to the merchant area.

2. On the merchant area, click on the Settings menu.

3. Click on the Add Slack Notification.

4. A window will be shown to ask you for the confirmation of integration.

5. On the window, select the Channel that you want the notification to be posted.

6. Click on the Authorize button to complete the installation.

7. You should notice the Slack Webhook URL was filled and 3 notification checkboxes were shown.

8. Select the notification you wish to receive by selecting the checkboxes.

9. Click on the Save button to save the settings.

Disable the Slack Notification

1. Login to the merchant area.

2. On the merchant area, click on the Settings menu.

3. Empty the text in Slack Webhook URL text box.

4. Click on the Save button to save the settings.

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7 months ago

International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: FEE criticises lack of coordination in connection with non-GAAP measures

International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: FEE criticises lack of coordination in connection with non-GAAP measures

The Federation of European Accountants (Fédération des Experts-comptables Européens, FEE) has responded to the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) consultation on non-GAAP financial measures. FEE calls for the efforts around non-GAAP measures to be coordinated with the IASB.

In an opening statement before commenting directly on the IOSCO proposals, FEE expresses support for improvements in corporate reporting and stresses that non-GAAP measures play an important role as they can improve the communication between the entity and its stakeholders as long as they are reported in a transparent and unbiased manner. Nevertheless, FEE "identifies that there is a lack of coordination between market oversight bodies and regulators on one hand and the IASB on the other hand, which leads to a high degree of divergence in practice. FEE expressly references the ESMA consultation on alternative performance measures, but recently also the IFAC has issued guidance on supplementary financial measures. FEE states:

We believe that the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”) should also be involved in the reporting of Non-GAAP Measures in the context of financial reporting. Some IFRSs currently include guidance on how an entity can present Non-GAAP Measures within its financial statements. Therefore, [...] FEE suggests all the market oversight bodies and regulators (international, regional and national) to work with the IASB in order to develop a common comprehensive framework on Alternative Performance Measures/Non-GAAP measures.

The IASB has a disclosure initiative on its agenda that is split into several smaller projects. The project on principles of disclosure considers information that should be included in a complete set of financial statements and the presentation of non-IFRS information and comparative information. A discussion paper is currently expected in the second quarter of 2015.

7 months ago

About AlfaStrakhovanie Corporation

About AlfaStrakhovanie Corporation

One of the premier insurance companies in Russia, AlfaStrakhovanie Group delivers a universal portfolio of services to their clients, incorporating both comprehensive programs of business risks protection, and a variety of products for private individuals.

We offer more than 100 insurance services including life insurance to our private and corporate customers. Our services are currently being used by millions of private clients and thousands of companies. Our firm also has more than 400 representative offices and branches across Russia.

We continuously strive harder to improve our services and develop new insurance products because fulfilling and exceeding our client's needs will always be our top priority.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group prides itself for having decades of experience and a good reputation of being a reliable and stable company. Our comprehensive insurance company has licenses for 98 types of insurance, including credit insurance, wherein it enables the company to provide the clients with seamless insurance protection.

According to the Russian rating agency Expert EA, our firm is amongst the top leading companies on the Russian insurance market. Expert EA recently confirmed its highest level A++ of reliability rating to our firm that has been assigned in 2003. This grade implies that whether there is an unfavorable economic conditions occurring, there is a high probability that our firm still meets our financial liabilities. Fitch Ratings assigned our firm with the Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) Rating and has the AA- level of reliability on the national scale and BB level on the international scale with the stable outlooks.

Our firm is a part of Alfa Group Consortium, one of Russia's largest privately owned investment consortiums. Its portfolio of companies includes Alfa-Bank, X5 Retail Group, A1 Group, Alfa Capital Management, and Rosvodokanal Group.

Our firm also consists of AlfaStrakhovanie PLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-MS LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC, Medicine AlfaStrakhovanie LLC, AlfaMedProject LLC, AsStra Medical Insurance Company LLC and Syberia Medical Insurance Organization PLC.

It has been said earlier that we have millions of clients including corporate clients and partners such as Aeroflot, Bashneft, Coca-Cola, Euroset, Gazprombank, Lukoi, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Metalloinvest, Metro Cash and Carry, MRSK Holding, Norilsk Nickel, RusHydro, Sberbank of Russia, Svyaznoy, TNK-BP, VimpelCom, X5 Retail Group, and many others.

8 months ago

Fraud Detection Group Insurance Claim Investigators in France

Fraud Detection Group Insurance Claim Investigators in France

Claim Investigators are providing their professional and insurance investigation services to clients in all over France. The regions of France are looked after by our local associates/partners firms who are well-established with their trustworthy network and experienced to provide our comprehensive insurance investigation services according to the locale and also we maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates in all over the World with strong network of our on-ground associates/partners. Our investigations and reporting are comprehensively descriptive with the main objective to obtain the clear and convincing evidence. Our range of services includes:

            • Fraud claim investigations and insurance fraud investigation in France

            • Life insurance claim investigations in France

            • Accidental benefits/death claim investigations in France

            • Property loss claim investigations in France

            • Travel insurance claim investigations in France

            • Third-party claim investigations in France

            • Medical claim investigations in France

            • Personal claim investigations in France

            • Theft claim investigations in France

            • Subrogation and recovery investigations in France

            • Contestable death investigations in France

            • Fatal accident investigations in France

            • Motor vehicle crash investigation in France

            • Recovery of stolen vehicles in France

            • Insurance litigation support in France

Our associates are very well experienced in fraud insurance claim investigations and well known in their respective locale consequently we can give you the best and prompt service. Indeed we cover all over France including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Rennes, Reims, Lille, Le Havre, Saint-etienne, Angers. Kindly contact us on our email: according to your requirement respectively.

9 months ago

Eric Earl Hamilton Restorers: Tips on buying and handling vintage furniture

Do you want to buy an affordable yet good quality furniture with great value? Then a vintage furniture is the best choice for you. You could put your personal style when you’re decorating your home by placing this kind of furniture in it. You could also be eco-friendly by adding vintage furniture and home furnishings in your place.

Buying a vintage furniture requires extra effort since it's different from your usual thrift store shopping or garage sale. You’re looking for a furniture in a certain era, thus, it'll surely be a little difficult. See to it that the furniture is 30 to 40 years old to be considered as a real vintage furniture while antique furniture is aged more than 100 years old.

You might find it hard to determine if a certain vintage furniture is a good piece or if it is worth your money. To ease your worries, Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Restorers provides the following tips to help you buy your vintage furniture.

Always visit good shops

First, you must find different vintage furniture stores available in your area. Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Restorers suggests that you explore an area that has older homes. It could be beneficial for you to frequently visit your discovered shops and make friends with the vendors or the salespeople. They will eventually provide you with a lot of information and will often inform you when something you need is already available in their shop. You might not know it but frequent visits yield good returns sometimes as the vintage store may offer markdowns after a furniture has been sitting in their shop for a certain period of time, and you can be the first one to receive the news than others because of the good relationship you have with the staff. You can also find worthwhile furniture pieces at auctions, estate sales, and flea markets.

Hunt down furniture with good bones

For instance, drawers should slide out easily and upholstered pieces should have good sturdy frames. If possible, avoid furniture that’s on the verge of cracking.

It's fine to buy less popular brands

Don't focus your search on big-named brands only, you can also look for other manufacturers too since they are often less expensive but just as good as branded ones. Furniture with long-lasting quality should be your top priority all the time, regardless of the brand.

Always consider the size

Knowing the size of the furniture is crucial for you because you need to make sure that it will fit in your home. Furniture may look too small or too big inside a store, so always bring your tape measure with you to ensure that it is scaled right. 

Choose gently used furniture

It's apparent that gently used furniture are in a better shape than furniture that has been trashed, so be extra vigilant when you're searching for a vintage furniture. Casegoods hold up better than upholstered furniture, but if you're looking for upholstered furniture then search for the gently used ones. 

Minor scratches are okay

You probably don't want to buy a furniture that has few scratches in it, but Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Restorers claims that it's fine to buy gently used furniture with some surface scratches in it because it can be fixed in the first place. You can find a lot of products on the market that can help you with those. 

Buy individual pieces that suit each other
It might be expensive to buy a whole set of vintage furniture, so if you're on a tight budget, consider buying individual pieces that could work well together. You can be certain about the quality of each furniture if you're going to buy it individually. This is also a good way to show off your unique side to your family and friends.

Quality is a must

Not all old furniture comes out with great quality, hence, furniture that has inferior materials and workmanship must be out of your list. As mentioned earlier, your goal is to find high-quality furniture for your home and being curious about the quality of a certain piece is not a bad thing to do. 

Bargain using the imperfections of the furniture

Does the furniture have a few alarming scratches in it? Use that to your advantage and begin bargaining. After searching for that good piece, it's time for you to attain a good price. Use any evidence of damage to bargain for a better price if that furniture is really worth buying. See to it that you can fix the defects of the furniture in the first place and that the price of the repairs will not be too high.

2 years ago

Mentor Program of Tokyo Mothers Group

Our TMG volunteer mentors aim to make the settling-in and adjusting process a bit easier for newcomers to motherhood or Tokyo (or both!) by sharing their local knowledge and experience of everyday life in Tokyo as a mother.  Our mentor program provides you with a helpful contact to help answer all those questions, or at least point you in the right direction.


Through the mentor program, existing TMG members meet, support and encourage new members in a more personalized way.  Support can be provided face-to-face, over the phone and by email.


We also have Japanese-speaking mentors who can provide language support such as accompanying new mothers to the local supermarket or baby store to help decipher those labels.


If you are interested in participating in our mentor program, please contact the Mentor Program Coordinators.



We are looking for more of our members to become mentors: to meet, support and encourage new mothers as they embark upon their "Tokyo new mother" journey.  We know you all have a lot to offer and invaluable experience to share, so please email us if you would like to get involved!