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Katty Mcqueen

3 days ago

The Lexus Group Enthusiast - More Details on the Lexus LS Glass & Origami Silk Interior Trim

The Lexus Group Enthusiast - More Details on the Lexus LS Glass & Origami Silk Interior Trim

The Lexus International website has an interview with Lexus LS chief designer Koichi Suga on the stunning interior details shown at last week’s Geneva Motor Show:


Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, which Suga was determined to showcase in the LS. Suga conveyed his vision to a color designer, who worked with a skilled fabric artisan from Kyoto and, together, they developed Hand Pleats, a special fabric pleat with a three-dimensional pattern that’s both pleasing to the eye and touch.


“The pattern in this fabric has the ability to change its expression, depending on whether it is struck by daytime sunlight or illuminated by interior lighting at night,” says Suga. “The result is a comfortable space that envelops the driver and passengers in elegance.”


Glass has rarely been used as an interior door-trim piece, but like the origami-inspired pleated fabric, a special kiriko-cut glass piece gives the LS instant distinctiveness and a level of artistry never before seen in an automobile. Through repeated trial and error, craftsmen created a high-quality piece of glass that appears beautiful and delicate but is in fact incredibly strong, thanks to advanced glass-reinforcement technology.


“This special ornamentation piece boasts the best of both worlds in terms of an industrial product that is also a work of art,” says Suga. “The look and feel of this glass trim piece, like the hand-pleated fabric, transforms depending on the viewing angle and time of day.”

1 week ago

The Lexus Group Enthusiast - Lexus RC 300h Hybrid Coupe to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

The Lexus Group Enthusiast - Lexus RC 300h Hybrid Coupe to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

The next few weeks are going to be busy ones for car fans, with both the Los Angeles International Auto Show and Tokyo Motor Show happening simultaneously.


The latter is set to play host to the usual throng of unusual Japan-only concepts, but among the kei-cars and crazy metal, Lexus will officially launch its RC Coupe.


It's essentially an IS-based coupe, though unlike the LF-CC coupe concept which begat the current-generation IS sedan, the RC coupe takes a slightly different styling tack.


It still features the love-it or hate-it 'spindle' grille design at the front (here larger and more pronounced than ever), but at the rear it has more muscular haunches, slightly more conventional tail-lights and just a hint of Lexus's previous performance cars, the IS-F and LF-A supercar.


At launch, two engines will feature. Most interesting of these from our perspective is the RC 300h--as the name implies, the hybrid model in the range.


This will use a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine as part of Toyota's usual Hybrid Synergy Drive setup. It's a similar powertrain to that found in the ES 300h sedan, but unlike the ES series the RC retains the IS's rear-wheel drive layout for a little extra driving fun.


Unfortunately, we'll have to wait for details of the car's precise economy and performance, though they're likely to be similar to the IS 300h--a car not earmarked for the U.S. That means 220 horsepower combined system output, a 0-60 sprint in the low eights, and economy closer to the ES 300h's 40 mpg combined than the IS's European 50 mpg combined. A quicker (but less green) RC 350 coupe will also be available.


The cockpit emphasizes the RC's "fun to drive character", says Lexus, with four seats, distinctive color schemes and upper and lower "operation and display zones".


What isn't clear is whether Lexus will bring the RC 300h to the U.S. The IS 300h was denied on grounds it may interfere with ES 300h sales--but perhaps Lexus will grant an exception for the sportier RC coupe.

1 week ago

The Lexus Group Enthusiast Open Luxury Stores In NYC, Tokyo, Dubai

The Lexus Group Enthusiast Open Luxury Stores In NYC, Tokyo, Dubai

Cars aren't enough for Lexus any more, it seems, as the company now plans to expand into "luxury spaces" to enhance the brand's image.

Lexus has announced a new string of 'Intersect by Lexus' luxury spaces where people can experience the brand "without getting behind a steering wheel". The first such space is opening this month in Tokyo's Aoyama district, and the new design-orientated building will include a café, shops, an automotive exhibition space and more.


The Tokyo brand is split into two levels. The first floor contains a café serving world-renowned coffee, and what Lexus calls the Garage--an exhibition space for car culture and lifestyles. On the next floor Tokyo visitors will find a Crafted for Lexus shop--"a collection of lifestyle items produced by brand companies that harmonize with Lexus’ philosophies", apparently--and a library lounge serving modern-Tokyo-themed foods.


It’s part of the brand's new Amazing In Motion philosophy, taking everything that Lexus stands for as a brand and applying it to a wider sphere. Amazing In Motion kicked off earlier this year with a design event in New York City, where it unveiled plans for a Lexus magazine called Beyond By Lexus, as well as its plans for the Intersect By Lexus stores. Following Tokyo, similar stores in New York City and Dubai are planned, each of which will express the design, art, fashion, culture, movies, music and technology of its local environment.


"Intersect By Lexus seeks to be a comfortable and inspiring space for interaction among people and between people and cars,” explained Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International.


Sounds interesting--but we'll probably just stick to the cars, thanks...

6 months ago

Fraud Labs Pro Fraud Detection and Fraud Detection Solutions: How to configure Slack notification?

Enable the Slack Notification

1. Login to the merchant area.

2. On the merchant area, click on the Settings menu.

3. Click on the Add Slack Notification.

4. A window will be shown to ask you for the confirmation of integration.

5. On the window, select the Channel that you want the notification to be posted.

6. Click on the Authorize button to complete the installation.

7. You should notice the Slack Webhook URL was filled and 3 notification checkboxes were shown.

8. Select the notification you wish to receive by selecting the checkboxes.

9. Click on the Save button to save the settings.

Disable the Slack Notification

1. Login to the merchant area.

2. On the merchant area, click on the Settings menu.

3. Empty the text in Slack Webhook URL text box.

4. Click on the Save button to save the settings.

Read More at Fraud Labs Pro

8 months ago

International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: FEE criticises lack of coordination in connection with non-GAAP measures

International Organization of Financial Securities Regulatory Commission: FEE criticises lack of coordination in connection with non-GAAP measures

The Federation of European Accountants (Fédération des Experts-comptables Européens, FEE) has responded to the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) consultation on non-GAAP financial measures. FEE calls for the efforts around non-GAAP measures to be coordinated with the IASB.

In an opening statement before commenting directly on the IOSCO proposals, FEE expresses support for improvements in corporate reporting and stresses that non-GAAP measures play an important role as they can improve the communication between the entity and its stakeholders as long as they are reported in a transparent and unbiased manner. Nevertheless, FEE "identifies that there is a lack of coordination between market oversight bodies and regulators on one hand and the IASB on the other hand, which leads to a high degree of divergence in practice. FEE expressly references the ESMA consultation on alternative performance measures, but recently also the IFAC has issued guidance on supplementary financial measures. FEE states:

We believe that the International Accounting Standards Board (“IASB”) should also be involved in the reporting of Non-GAAP Measures in the context of financial reporting. Some IFRSs currently include guidance on how an entity can present Non-GAAP Measures within its financial statements. Therefore, [...] FEE suggests all the market oversight bodies and regulators (international, regional and national) to work with the IASB in order to develop a common comprehensive framework on Alternative Performance Measures/Non-GAAP measures.

The IASB has a disclosure initiative on its agenda that is split into several smaller projects. The project on principles of disclosure considers information that should be included in a complete set of financial statements and the presentation of non-IFRS information and comparative information. A discussion paper is currently expected in the second quarter of 2015.

9 months ago

About AlfaStrakhovanie Corporation

About AlfaStrakhovanie Corporation

One of the premier insurance companies in Russia, AlfaStrakhovanie Group delivers a universal portfolio of services to their clients, incorporating both comprehensive programs of business risks protection, and a variety of products for private individuals.

We offer more than 100 insurance services including life insurance to our private and corporate customers. Our services are currently being used by millions of private clients and thousands of companies. Our firm also has more than 400 representative offices and branches across Russia.

We continuously strive harder to improve our services and develop new insurance products because fulfilling and exceeding our client's needs will always be our top priority.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group prides itself for having decades of experience and a good reputation of being a reliable and stable company. Our comprehensive insurance company has licenses for 98 types of insurance, including credit insurance, wherein it enables the company to provide the clients with seamless insurance protection.

According to the Russian rating agency Expert EA, our firm is amongst the top leading companies on the Russian insurance market. Expert EA recently confirmed its highest level A++ of reliability rating to our firm that has been assigned in 2003. This grade implies that whether there is an unfavorable economic conditions occurring, there is a high probability that our firm still meets our financial liabilities. Fitch Ratings assigned our firm with the Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) Rating and has the AA- level of reliability on the national scale and BB level on the international scale with the stable outlooks.

Our firm is a part of Alfa Group Consortium, one of Russia's largest privately owned investment consortiums. Its portfolio of companies includes Alfa-Bank, X5 Retail Group, A1 Group, Alfa Capital Management, and Rosvodokanal Group.

Our firm also consists of AlfaStrakhovanie PLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-Life LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-MS LLC, AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS LLC, Medicine AlfaStrakhovanie LLC, AlfaMedProject LLC, AsStra Medical Insurance Company LLC and Syberia Medical Insurance Organization PLC.

It has been said earlier that we have millions of clients including corporate clients and partners such as Aeroflot, Bashneft, Coca-Cola, Euroset, Gazprombank, Lukoi, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Metalloinvest, Metro Cash and Carry, MRSK Holding, Norilsk Nickel, RusHydro, Sberbank of Russia, Svyaznoy, TNK-BP, VimpelCom, X5 Retail Group, and many others.

9 months ago

Fraud Detection Group Insurance Claim Investigators in France

Fraud Detection Group Insurance Claim Investigators in France

Claim Investigators are providing their professional and insurance investigation services to clients in all over France. The regions of France are looked after by our local associates/partners firms who are well-established with their trustworthy network and experienced to provide our comprehensive insurance investigation services according to the locale and also we maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates in all over the World with strong network of our on-ground associates/partners. Our investigations and reporting are comprehensively descriptive with the main objective to obtain the clear and convincing evidence. Our range of services includes:

            • Fraud claim investigations and insurance fraud investigation in France

            • Life insurance claim investigations in France

            • Accidental benefits/death claim investigations in France

            • Property loss claim investigations in France

            • Travel insurance claim investigations in France

            • Third-party claim investigations in France

            • Medical claim investigations in France

            • Personal claim investigations in France

            • Theft claim investigations in France

            • Subrogation and recovery investigations in France

            • Contestable death investigations in France

            • Fatal accident investigations in France

            • Motor vehicle crash investigation in France

            • Recovery of stolen vehicles in France

            • Insurance litigation support in France

Our associates are very well experienced in fraud insurance claim investigations and well known in their respective locale consequently we can give you the best and prompt service. Indeed we cover all over France including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Rennes, Reims, Lille, Le Havre, Saint-etienne, Angers. Kindly contact us on our email: according to your requirement respectively.